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About Magic Within

Hello beautiful you, my name is Kathinka van Putten and I would like to welcome you to the website of the coaching company Magic Within! I will help you realize that you are perfect the way you are by producing weekly vlogs & blogs, offering coaching sessions & courses, and publishing inspiring quotes. This means that your existence, your being is inherently valuable and loving. Everything you need in life can be found within yourself. Love, abundance, wisdom and happiness are all within you. You do not need to search outside yourself to be happy and valuable. It starts with you. For this reason Magic Within uses the following mantra: I exist, so I am happy and worthy. When you feel that solely your being makes you happy, that is the foundation for living the life of your dreams.

Magic Within has come into being from my own journey. A journey of self-discovery. After my Communication and Business studies at the University of Amsterdam, I developed my creative side by studying acting and working as an actress in the United States of America. This step led me to my calling: coaching. I have experienced it myself, how your world changes when you realize and feel that you are perfect the way you are. I wish this joy for everyone. For this reason Magic Within has been founded, to support humanity in its discovery of the magic which resides in every one of us.

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Love, Kathinka

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Magic Within offers life coaching based on the Innovative Coaching method, which is built on the following principle: Life is a self-organizing, self-correcting and self-healing process. It wants to flourish to a higher order and bigger whole. We as human beings are part of life and as a consequence, are part of the evolutionary character of life. Life wants to express itself through us. The only way for that to happen is for you to be in contact with life, to be one with life and to surrender to its guidance. When you are experiencing a crisis, be it psychological, emotional or physical, it is a sign that certain patterns of behavior or thinking may be blocking your evolutionary process. During the coaching journey these patterns will be experienced, embraced and released. In this way you will experience your essence, which has always been whole, free and complete. When you feel you are perfect the way you are, then this state of being will influence every area of your life. Such as your purpose in life, you relationships, work, sexuality, work-out regime and even diet. The only thing life wants from you is for you to trust life along with your inner voice, and most importantly to be yourself. For this reason your natural state of being is to be engaged fully in life.

The coaching journey is adapted to the individual client on a case by case basis. However, the average number of coaching sessions will be between four and six. If there is no opportunity of having a face-to-face session, there is the possibility of one via Skype.

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