Magic Within

A letter from your 88-year-old self to your current self

Every woman has an old wise grandmother within

We all have the tendency to turn to an older and wiser person for advice and comfort. In my case it’s my mom or my two granny’s who are in their late eighties. But what if you could just turn to yourself for some wisdom? In every woman there is on old wise granny hidden who more than anyone wants to support and guide you.

Light is the New Black

When I was reading the book Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell (a must read!) a particular chapter really resonated with me. In this chapter Rebecca invites you to pretend you’re 88 years old and to write a letter from your 88-year-old self to your current self. What does the old woman want you to go for? What advice does she want to share with you?

At that moment I really needed some advice from a Mother Superior, because I was about to start my own coaching company. This new journey terrified me to my core and I was overwhelmed with insecurity. For this reason I was curious what granny Kathinka had to share with me. I started to write the letter and she told me the following:

My dear Kathinka, 

You worry too much, my dear girl. You’re so much in your head, thinking and thinking. What the future will bring, what you have to accomplish in order to be worthy and good enough. Paralyzed by fear, afraid to make the wrong decision or fail. The great thing is that all of that is not necessary. Life has already been planned out for you, your so called blueprint. The only thing you have to do is to follow that. You’re here on earth to learn, to make mistakes, to grow, to give and receive love. In this way you can grow as a soul and shine as bright as you possibly can. If something belongs to your life, it will show up for you. But you can only discover if something belongs to your life if you go out into the world and view life as an adventure. It’s all about practicing and trying things out with joy and love. View life as light, because it consists out of light. Swim in that light, breath that light, be that light. In this way you’re one with life. This will help you focus on your feelings in stead of your thinking. You’ll be led by your intuition in stead of your fears. So don’t be afraid, start your own company, enjoy it, no matter the outcome. Apply for that incredible job, no matter the outcome. I’m so proud of you, proud of the beautiful woman you have become who has always been within you. You’re shining your light more and more. And I know you know this is the only way to attract all the beautiful things in your life. You don’t have to regret anything. Everything happens for a reason. Regret is part of the ego. You’ll come at a point in your life where ignoring the whispers of your heart will become too painful, forcing you to solely listen to this inner source of wisdom. Rest assured my dear child, be yourself  and everything will be allright (as everything already is at this very moment 🙂 )

Love, Kathinka 

After finishing writing, I start reading the letter leaving me with nothing but a deep sense of inner peace. Wow, I didn’t know I already had all the answers I needed the hear! Every time I feel the uncertainty and fear creeping up, I read the letter from grandmother Kathinka to remind myself I can trust my inner wisdom.

What does your old wise woman have to tell you?

Are you curious about what your old wise woman has to tell you? Follow these 4 steps to hear her wise words:

  1. Go sit at a quiet place with a pen and a piece of paper.
  2. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out until you feel peaceful. Let the thoughts such as “This is never going to work” of  “I’ve no clue what to do next” pass without paying attention to them.
  3. Pretend you’re 88, sitting in the chair you’re sitting in right now. What advice would you want to give your younger self? What should she absolutely go for? What are you the most proud of? What do you regret?
  4. Open your heart and unleash the inner wisdom.

Love, Kathinka

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