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The core of the coaching sessions is to examine which behavioral patterns block you in life; where they come from; when you act out a pattern, but more importantly how you can release them. This process does not happen via the mind, but by being aware how the pattern feels in the body. In this way you are becoming aware of the difference between when you do your patterns and when you are your free, relaxed and powerful self. During the coaching journey you will be supported in the practice of being your authentic self. Due to this particular coaching method you are intrinsically motivated to live your life differently. You develop into the person who you have been this whole time. You live your new life!

Possible obstacles which can be explored during the sessions:

  • You are insecure about yourself, in other words, you do not feel you are good enough, leading to not being able to be yourself under any circumstance.
  • You have a lot of fears, consequently not trusting life and yourself with regard to making your own choices and setting your own boundaries.
  • You are having trouble with listening to your intuition and following your heart. You are not in contact with yourself; you experience that ‘you are being lived’ instead of ‘you are the one who is living your life’.
  • You are experiencing difficulties with handling your own emotions and showing your vulnerability.
  • You have the tendency to control life and you experience trouble with handling change.
  • You are stuck in life, you experience dissatisfaction in life: you want something else and you feel deep down there is more to life.
  • You often criticize yourself (inner critic): you never do anything right. You are very strict with yourself, leading to perfectionism.
  • You have a fear of failure, leading to situations where you block yourself.
  • You constantly compare yourself with other people and you are never happy with yourself and your life.
  • You worry about the little things.
  • You are with your thoughts in the future or past; you worry about it or carry a lot regret. Consequently, you are not able to enjoy the now.
  • You are having trouble with giving yourself love and support.
  • You are having difficulties with handling stress.
  • You lost your purpose in life: why am I here on earth, what are my talents?

After the coaching journey you can expect the following results:

  • You realize and feel that you are perfect the way you are (the insecurity has disappeared): you do not have the work hard and look outside yourself (such as a career, money) to feel worthy. You feel that your worthiness comes from within and that everything you need in life can be found within: love, happiness, abundance and wisdom.
  • You are not afraid to surrender to life (going with the flow) and trust life. You do not have the need to control. You experience life by relaxing, breathing and feeling. You are fully engaged in life, you enjoy it!
  • You found your way out of the crisis and made changes in every area of your life (purpose in life, relationships, sexuality, work, coping with stress, work-out regime and diet).
  • You are in contact with yourself (intuition), you know how to handle your emotions and you can set your own personal boundaries.

1 session is about 1 -1.5 hours. The price per session is 75 Euro incl. tax.

The client receives an invoice with a 14 day payment term.

A session can be cancelled 48 hours in advance. Between 48 and 24 hours 50 % of the amount will be charged. Within 24 hours 100% of the amount will be charged.

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